The Ultion “Anti-Snap” Lock

The best lock in the business.

Nothing short of drilling this lock through will allow a burglar into your home.

Watch the video on how an Ultion lock compares to a standard lock now.

Official Ultion Vendor

We are fully trained and officially given access from Ultion (Brisant) to fit and distribute Ultion anti snap locks.

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Anti-Snap Technology

When a burglar tries to snap the lock, it activates “lock down mode”. It is then virtually impossible to prise the door open using a screwdriver. And will require heavy drilling and work to get anywhere near opening your door.

It’s housed in a molybdenum core, a material 25% denser than iron. No one will be drilling this lock quickly, or quietly.

It’s even still snap secure with the key inside of the lock.

Ultion locks are approved

Ultion Prices and Quotes

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Ultion lock review

We give the Ultion lock 5 stars, it’s the best lock on the market.

Ultion key cutting

Ultion lock picked

Ultion key cap

Ultion lock lubricant

Ultion lock register

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Ultion key caps

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